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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday

Hello! It's a little boring over here, so while I wait for my episodes of Orange Is The New Black, I was going through some of my old posts... from 2010! I've been around for awhile, eh? 

Can you believe half of everything on this page has now found it's way out of my house? The Dukes of Hazzard comforter, the Strawberry Shortcake sheet, Care Bears stickers have stayed. Care Bears mug made it's way to my BF's niece, Cabbage Patch kids set (what was I thinking?)

Outta these, the Santa troll has stayed, I mean, I think I have like 8 of these snack sets somewhere. Who needs some crusty, incomplete one? I mean, I have a turquoise, orange & yellow one that says, "potluck"! The other troll, outta here!

I got rid of this Fred stuff. I used to buy it at the thrifts because IT'S SO COOL & SO EXPENSIVE, but like the original owner, I did nothing with it... I wonder if the third owner is going to use it? Anyone else see a lot of it?

I'll never get rid of this. Unless it breaks. Knock on vintage wood. 

All of this stuff is stuff that made it out of my house when I moved in MAY. It basically sat around in boxes for 3ish years. NUTS. 

Hellllloooo... anyone else out there like me?
I'm sure of it. 

I'm linking up with Melissa's Antiques for Thrifty Things Friday! 


  1. It must make you feel good to declutter some though!! Really, how much stuff do we need?? I try to be more selective with what I buy, if I wasn't always looking for scarves, I probably wouldn't go the thrifts every time I go to the city!!!

    I love that little pitcher too!!!

  2. I am constantly de cluttering. But normally it just gets put in a closet with the intent to sell. Then I find it and wonder why its in the closet and put it back out. Its a vicious cycle!


  3. Yeah, sometimes I look through my thrifting archives and go "that sold, that broke, that I kept" and the worst is "that is still on eBay"

  4. Decluttering is a ongoing project. I sell things, then bring more home...and more stays than gets sold, lol. Love that sweet mug, a keeper for sure.

  5. Man, I wonder what kinds of stuff I still have from years of collecting that I never did anything with? Also, love that the pup gets a vintage comforter to lay on - so totally you! Thanks for sharing @ TTF! :)