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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Wanted Wednesday

Wanted Wednesday

Isn't this retro rolling skating poster absolutely fantastic? I have friends who roller derby, I sent her the link, but doesn't look like she bid. I'd love to put it up in my house, too. 
Where I grew up, we were lucky enough to have a roller rink called Wheels. I remember roller skating to Nirvana, Alice in Chains & other popular grunge & late '80s music. I was pretty decent.

You can buy it here.

This set of E.T. keychains WILL be mine, well, unless someone buys the 10+ lots that the seller has before I buy them in mid May. 6 keychains for $7. Wish I lived in the states.. FREE shipping.. like $8 to Canada. POO!

you can buy them here

Anything you're dying to own lately?   


  1. Love the poster. I often went roller skating as a kid. I always had a blast.

    I'm totally looking for an old chenille bedspread. King size. No luck.

  2. We went to Skate City and listened to the same tunes and tired to limbo in roller skates, or roller blades! Oh the 90's...
    That is a great price on the key chains!

  3. Love the ET goodies and the towel :D