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Saturday, March 6, 2010

ipath Footwear Giveaway @ Simple Finds!

ipath Footwear Giveaway @ Simple Finds!

Not thrift related, but damn, I love what I have seen of ipath footwear.

Have had bad luck with shoes lately, with the cat urinating in both pairs of my skate shoes & the Zoo York's I bought off eBay (with the Adbusters magazine winnings!) being size 13 & labeled 11.5, definitely dig a new pair of ipaths. Have seen them around at West 49, Boathouse & a local shop called Hogtown, but with being broke & spending all my ca$h on lame knick knacks I can only afford those black, boring, practical shoes that are work appropiate.

Anyways, over at Simple Finds they're having a fantastic giveaway for ipath shoes. Definitely check it out, While you're there, take a look around at everything else too.

While you're there & not here, check out ipaths website, Buy me something nice.

Remember, there's no "I" in hemp!

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