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Friday, March 5, 2010

My Fire King cherry has been popped!

Ever since I found out that Fire King was collectable & sellable I have been looking for it among my local thrifts. I've come across many Federal & an endless supply of Pyrex which are all quite simliar. Anyways, Value Village popped my cherry for $2.99. Quite nice. I've been in need of a sturdy measuring cup as I've got, or had, one of those cheap plastic ones where the colouring wears off quite quickly. Out with the old, in with the erm, older?

Found a cheap - 49cent - Niagara Falls pin. I'm going there on the 23rd (will be stopping by at least ONE local thrift), so thought the button would be fitting. How old it is, I don't know. '70s?

Lastly, a beautiful Care Bear plate a steal at 49cents.

I always seem to forget my camera, however, I must say that I saw a Dance Mix '95 jacket with beautiful black suede arms & a logo on each arm & breast.


  1. Love it! So much fun looking at your goodies. I understand about the plastic measuring cup; had one of those for years and it was always fun trying to figure out just how much was in the cup after the numbers washed off.

  2. Totally true! My food started coming out way wrong after the lines wore off.

  3. love the care bear plate! and 49cents?! you cant beat that! awesome finds!