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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Back from the Falls!

Niagara Falls!

Welcome home! Thank you! Unfortunately, we didn`t stay at the Happiness Inn. The secluded pool & the open serene are quite big selling points.. but you know, the Hilton is much cozier & probably cleaner. Note one thing about the Hilton in Niagara Falls - they didn`t have cable!! Since when can the Hiltons not afford cable? I should have been on the phone with Paris the minute I found out, but, we did have better things to do, I suppose. The place was nice though. Had a large water slide in the pool (only open after 5PM!), beautiful view of the American Falls
& the everso misty Horseshoe Falls, minutes away from the Casino & Clifton Hill.

So, it rained the whole time we were there. My boyfriend & I ended up paying $7 flat rate to get us to the Value Village there, which ended up being a 20 minute walk from the Hotel. We know that for next time though. Below you`ll see my first purchase - a beautiful Federal bowl for $4.99. I just love the pattern, don`t you? I knew it. They had a lot of Fire King cookware, but I don`t use anything along those lines & have limited space in my condo. But bask in the glory of the Federal bowl for a minute or two. Bowl has slight discoloration inside, very slight.

I haven`t found a setting on my camera yet to take great, clear photos yet, so the markings on the bowl & the copyrights on the magnets below I can`t include photos of. The magnets however, were 99cents for all 3. They are copyrighted 1978 in Hong Kong. I deem them very unique. The wife says I`m not allowed to put them on the fridge since I won`t allow his tacky Hersey Kiss & Bahamas magnets up - his loss.

For some reason I have seen an increase in taxidermied animals. Have not seen one once & saw a crocodile last week & this guy in The Falls. The wife tells me he is a wart hog. I guess this will be my first installment of WTF? WEDNESDAYS. This poor little guy was going for $7.99.

I`d like to thank National Post for making this wonderful Niagara Falls. If you are not aware, in December I won $2,500 in Via Rail gift cards. They have also made 3 trips home to Windsor possible for me too.


  1. AHAHAHAAHA and EWWW all at the same time! Would someone actually BUY a taxidermied warthog???? Yikes....that does definitely go in the WTF? Wednesdays column......yuck! hahaha