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Saturday, March 6, 2010

From the vaults: Thirst Aid Glasses!

Thirst Aid Glassware.

A favourite item of mine. Found at Goodwill two years ago or so. If you've ever been into my house, you know that these cups are not for drinking, just like your mother &/or grandma these are special & for use during special occasions.. in this case the only thing that would get me passing them out with vodka & Coke (not a rum drinker here) is the Apocalypse, so, December 21st, 2012. Come over for some drinks.

original text:

"Thrist Aid glassware. I saw this on Thursday night at Goodwill where I picked up a bunch of cards. The regular price was 99 cents a glass. Since I was there at 8:30PM & they closed at 9PM I decided that I would wait until Friday morning & go in at 9AM for the sale. I got six of this size of glasses & 4 zombie glasses. I also got another Blue Light crate @ 49 CENTS. The Thirst Aid glassware costs $22 for 4 glasses this size. Not sure how much the other size costs.

Paid $4.41 for 11 things at $0.49. She didn't ring something in, since 11 items would have cost $5.39. Good deal!"