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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Jingle Bells..

I made a recent trip up to Vaughan Mills mall & outlets last week. I went on the day I had a grand mal seizure. I had to work that morning, 5 hours after I had it. I felt horrible. I had told my friend I'd go up with her & didn't want to bail. Well, 15 hours of sleep later I'm fine.

Lucky for me she took me to the West 49 outlet.. where I got 3 pairs of jeans (DVS, Circa, DC) & a NY 59Fifty cap for $73. Pretty decent. Right next door sat a Value Village & yes, we went in. I spotted this little lady from the door. I loved her. My friend laughed after asking me if I spotted it from the door. Anyways, here she is:

Do you like her?

I also got a World Industries Flameboy figure. He's standing in front of my mushroom salt & pepper shakers I've meant to take photos of so many times.

Also, sometime in December I had picked up these jingle bells from Value Village. They were like a buck. Pretty good. I was going to put them on my dog, who is a 110lb pit bull, but misplaced them last year, so there is always this year. They still had the original tag from Eaton's, which was 25cents & then marked down to 12cents. I'm guessing the mark down was after Christmas. Bells made in Japan.

They also have a Goodwill opening soon on the way to Vaughan Mills. When it does open I'll be there with bells on.


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