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Saturday, May 8, 2010


Alright. I made my way to Wal-Mart today to look at their selection of Tic Tacs. I plan on entering a Tic Tac contest & was going to buy some.. then I remembered how small Tic Tacs were & how large I am & my plan went out the window, but, when I got home I was telling my boyfriend about it & I thought up something else. Anyways, my point is - I stopped at Value Village. Here is what I found.

I have been looking for a new [to me] alarm clock as I am weeding out some bad memories & my current clock, which I have had for years, probably 12 or 13 holds many bad vibes & bad memories, well I picked up one today. I bought that rooster one, but I don`t trust one that JUST runs on batteries. The rooster one is sitting on my shelf. Well, this one cost me $7.99. My boyfriend told me it was worth it and that he liked it, surprising, he`s never said that before. What`s it from? The early to mid `90s? Ew, I just added the photo now above, I really need to wash that Nelly bandana that I`ve got sitting there.. btw, 49cents for that last year.

Also bought this journal. The gothic one. It came in one of those bags along with the other journal, which I just had to include. These ones cost a $1.99. I bought this journal when I was 16 from Hot Topic (hah..) & had all my friends write in it & put some unmentionables inside of it. Well, it reminded me of good times, so got it. Love it.
Technotronic & Korn cassette. Love Technotronic (anybody know what I can get a Technotronic tee?) & this Korn cassette I imagine is somewhat rare as it`s a promotional cassette from their self titled release from 1994. I remember rocking out to Shoots & Ladders with my dad in the car in Chicago when I was 9. It was our favourite band at the time.

Down below you got some nice troll carrying cases. I`m guessing that`s what they are or custom Timnbits boxes. 99cents for the lot.

P.S. Incase you were curious - I never won that Pee-Wee Herman doll.


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