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Monday, May 10, 2010


Here are some thrifted pillows. The NKOTB one I posted about not too long ago.. bad news though, my cat Kleo scratched up the back of it. Depressing, I know. Very depressing. On the bright side, there is one on eBay right now that will be shipping to Canada, so I will be buying. This wreckage of my pillow just goes to show that it's true, I cannot have nice things. They get torn up or urinated on. The other pillow was picked out by an old fried, the moon shaped one. It matched my old heart chair. It was 99cents. The Minna pillow with the little yellow birds was recent, still in the plastic wrapping & still with tags - $2.99. The pillow with the black bird was quite pricey & was not bought thrifting, but bought at Wal-Mart - $9.97 for that thing!, but I loved it. It still has it's tags to this day & it also has a little secret zip up compartment in the back. I'll let you know if I get that NKOTB pillow off eBay. All 3 pillows were found at Value Village.


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