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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Thrifting Dreams

Dreams about thrifting - do you ever have them? Earlier this week I had a dream about a thrift shop in my hometown, which is actually a recurring dream oddly enough. There is one Salvation Army in the town that has been there as long as I can remember. It however was once burnt down after I started going there by people I used to go to school with - what bloody idiots. After that it closed & when it reopened, I had already moved out of the town. I have never been back. Before my grandfather died we had a plan to go with my grandmother to a place called Colasantis. We used to go there with her when we were young - quite a remarkable place. Before going, I was going to make my sister stop at the Army before, but then he passed & I never ended up making it there, but that`s OK, no problem whatsoever. However, even since I have been having that dream. It`s always in the old Bi-Way building near the tracks & I`m always afraid to go in. This time I did venture in & was being rushed by my family who had entered with me. I found a treasure chest full of vintage photographs, but passed them up. I never followed my golden thrift rule - if you find something & don`t know you want it - pick it up anyways. You may decide you want it later & then it will be gone. I went back & all that was left was one photo & it was now full of rocks. I asked the staff where it was & they pointed to a woman who looked quite like a vampire & said that she purchased them all.

That was it. That was the dream.

I had another dream regarding vintage last night. My boyfriend had said something to make me go into the closet & inside were all these vintage shirts that I`d never wear since they weren`t my style. I can only remember one & it was dark blue, Screen Stars & it had a small drawing of a whale on it.
& since posts without pictures are quite BORING, here ya go, since I am waiting on an eBay auction of a talking 1987 Pee-Wee Herman doll. Will let you know if I win. I never won the stool. I have no where to put it & the cats would just ruin it. How horrible.


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