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Saturday, May 15, 2010

I Am An Elastic Firecracker!

I always feel a bit like a loser when I see half my CD collection in the thrift bins, so I'm gonna do a few right ups on some bands as I sees 'em.

I Am An Elastic Firecracker, the second full length album from the band Tripping Daisy released in 1995 on Island Records. Remember their hit single, "I Got A Girl?" It's about the only thing I remember besides how fine the lead singer, Tim DeLaughter, looked in the video. The band broke up in 1999 if I remember correctly & members went on to form The Polyphonic Spree, never liked them though.

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  1. Listen to a podcast review of I Am An Elastic Firecracker by Tripping Daisy on Dig Me Out at, a weekly podcast dedicated to revisiting lost and forgotten rock of the 90s.