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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

We're Moving!

The other day I had a run in with a man in the elevator inquiring about whether my dog (pictured above) was a pitty & I said yes. He then went on to tell me that they were illegal in Ontario, which they are not. It is illegal to import into Ontario or to breed them. My beautiful boy, Charlie, is 7 years old & about 100lbs & was as happy as could be. Anyways, after I explained that to him he said, "well it's supposed to be muzzled." Firstly, my dog is not an "it" he is a he, you miserable old man.

So, the dude complains to the concierge of the building, a guy who used to be a supervisor, but now is just a little 'ol concierge & still hasn't gotten off his high horse. Now, it's this miserable old mans dog given right to complain, but why in the bloody hell would that damn concierge call Toronto Animal Control on us? What an idiot!

So, we're moving. I have to muzzle my dog & it's absolutely heartbreaking to have to do it. Rumor has it, this old mans wife had died a couple weeks ago & he's been a crank ever since. Anyways, we're moving back to the side of the city we came from - just east of Yonge Street in Division 51 which will be walking distance to my favourite thrift! Lucky me. & we'll be in a more friendly area were everyone is GAY (in both senses).

Wish me luck! We might get out of this high rise bull & get a place with character.


  1. I live in on a farm in Colorado so luckily we don't have do deal with idiots like that. My pets are family, not "its". Just remember, what goes around comes around. So he will get what's coming to him sooner or later :) Have a good one.

  2. well, almost glad to hear that this fear of pitbulls nonsense is not just here in the states, but at the same time it just pisses me off, how ignorant people can be. We have the media to thank for all the hype about this breed. My brother has one, and to be honest, we have a lot of toddlers and babies in the family right now, and we are more nervous when the kids are around my chihuahua than we are with them around the pitbull.