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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sir Thrift-A-Lot: Flea Market Finds

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Today I took the plunge & splurged on a new camera - a Canon Rebel T3... it was the only one in my price range at Best Buy, was on sale for $499.99, a $30 off coupon online & the $250 gift card I had won from a contest - so I ended up saving a total of $280! I'm still fumbling my way around the game.. horribly.. and I snapped these pics the best I can. I'm weary of it & nervous I wasted money!

On Thursday I took my first flight as an adult to Windsor from Toronto via Porter Airlines. The flight lasted about 40 minutes. I was psyched to thrift as Windsor usually is a source of great thrifting! 5 thrift stores, including the Value Village that closed due to fire damage & 10,000 square foot antique mall & I only came back to Toronto with: a Mork & Mindy board game, a 475 Pyrex lid (not pictured) & a set of 4 vintage Delphite Pyrex nippers, lol, as the person dubbed them on the label at the antique market, for a great price - FOR TRADE if anybody is interested. The Fire King bowl was picked up for $2.99 in Vaughan Mills coming back from the 400 Market. 

The 400 Market near Barrie I picked up this lovely vintage Coke can, which was on my want list. Not in the greatest condition, but too fab to leave behind. 

Some other items this week:

cutest pair of puppy salt & pepper shakers!

Early American Cinderella Pyrex bowl. 

a whole whack of knitting needles to go with the knitting book I recently picked up, i hope these will do the trick! 

Some of the funnest vintage wrapping paper.  

Some vintage photo albums & an address book that have a very vintage smell!
New thrift rule! Tear a hole through the plastic bags & take a whiff! 

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  1. wow! all of those needles! the yellow ones look fun. i can't believe you took a plane to go thrifting! a real jet-setter! haha.