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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Funky purple couch...


This couch is a wonderful addition to my home. It felt wonderful to get rid of our disgusting, dirty, ripped, bloodied (don't ask), falling apart, used (not that there's anything wrong with that!) Ikea couch. I gave it a little kick after the 49 flight trek down the elevator & dumping it next to the dumpster. It's the condos problem now.

We stopped into Value Village since we were on the way to the mall & it's right there. We were there earlier in the week, but since the stock changes daily, you never know. It was about 5PM. I'm checking out the stationary when the wife comes over & I ask him if he has found anything, "no, but I'm really liking that purple couch." Our tastes usually differ. A lot. I have it. He, ahh, usually doesn't. "What couch?" I ask him. He takes me over.. love it. I've gotten excited over furniture before, but in the city, it's hard, you can't carry something like that on the subway & everybody that does drive isn't driving something that can carry a couch. Value Village will only hold a couch until the end of the day. The cashier explained their policy to me: You pay & have until the end of the day to pick it up. They put a SOLD sticker on it & just hope that the item is still there when you come back. Wonderful! If it isn't they give you store credit if you still have your receipt (NO REFUNDS! point was stressed!) & you have to spend it that night. NO EXCEPTIONS! What a beautiful policy.

So... we tried hard to get make arrangements to get the couch picked up. It ended up with us renting a Jeep for Budget & picking it up the next morning. We were there at 8:45AM waiting for the doors to open at 9AM. I wasn't expecting other people to be waiting outside & was convinced that they were all waiting for the couch as well, so I made a plan. The plan was, the wife was going to go check to see if the couch was still there & I was going to go to the cash & say, "yes, I'd like to purchase that purple couch!" First one in line gets the buy, that's the way it works, isn't it?

The Jeep was good. It lead to a Saturday of thrifting. 9 shops & $100 later, I am quite satisfied to add quite a few exciting items to my collections.

What do you think of the couch? It was only $54.99!
($62.14 with taxes)


  1. Its fabulous! If it didn't smell bad I would have bought it too. Why didn't I ever see awesome couches at VV whe I was needing one???