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Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekend finds!

It's just after midnight on Monday night & I am finally posting my weekend finds. Didn't have much of a thrifting weekend as I was stuck working for the man. I did however make it out just before closing to Goodwill & a Value Village on the west side of the city. A Sunday night at Goodwill is always slim pickings. The weekend crowd has cleared the place out, the shelves are baron & the staff are getting rid of the unsaleables & tossing them. I did see two Butterprint Pyrex dishes, so badly faded that they were still there from when I had seen them 5 days beforehand. Books were also 50% off. They had 'Courtney Love: The Real Story' by Poppy Z. Brite, but I've already got it & have reread it many times. Left Goodwill empty handed.

Got both items at Value Village. Items came to $5.62. I think I just about lost out on the unicorn salt & pepper shakers. I was getting the 'ihateyouputitdown' eyes from this 45 year old man right after i picked them up, especially since he was almost there.

I'm psyched about the silver round.. ash tray? I took a pic next to the one I already have. This one is quite larger than the other one I have. These are ash trays, right? $2.99. 99cents each for the shakers.


  1. We love those unicorns! What neat looking ash trays.

    -Laura and Michele

  2. I have not seen unicorns in years..a.great find!

  3. Thanks so much! It's so hard to find unicorns with their corns still attached.