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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Salt & Pepa's Back!

Back to the salt & pepper shaker collection. Picked up 2 interesting sets the past week & a half, I am reckoning both made in Japan. I am certain that the Humpty Dumpty couple was, as it is stamped JAPAN, not certain about the others, look like they may have been. They are encrusted in what I imagine are priceless jewels & they are actually worth $1,000's more than the $1.49ea that I paid for them. The lady on the left is missing a jewel on her right hip, poor girl. The second set, the Humpty Dumpty couple came with another shaker, it was a pickle.. a lonely pickle, who was once a cucumber. These guys spent many nights all over each other in a bag on the pegs of Value Village for the price of $2.99.

Back on the track of Salt & Pepa. Who is aware that they are back together & on tour? They'll be playing Cleveland, Buffalo, Miami, New Orleans & Kansas. Salt & Pepa has been one of my favourite bands since the beginning.. Very Necessary, once of my classic albums. Here's a little taste with En Vogue. Pep is my favourite & I love the scene of her in the bathtub. I want to lose some weight so I can remake that scene. I'd look fabulous! Enjoy!

Oh, if anybody is in Ontario & close to Toronto & wants to drive over to Buffalo, I'm game! I'll even pay for gas!


  1. Oh, how adorable! I love your new S&P sets!

    ~ Tracy

  2. I love S&P's! I also have a collection of orphans so the pickle would not be alone! Thanks for joining JFF!! hugs, Linda

  3. Thanks ladies!

    : ) I'll be back next Friday to join the fun!