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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Weak Mid-Week Thrifting & What I Didn't Buy...

WOW. Thrifting in these parts has been WEAK this week. 7 stores, 4 daily trips to my local Goodwill & I only picked up 2 small things!

This Thirst Aid glass for 99cents. 

This glass was worth the trip. My fiance & I have only ever had 4 "big fights" (that's about 1 a year..) & 2 of them revolved around Thirst Aid glasses. He accidentally knocked this exact glass out of the cupboard while he was doing dishes (dishes!? I'm just as shocked as you are.) & I flipped out on him. I ended up calling him stupid, he slammed what was left of the glass on the ground & it escalated from there. The second fight about the Thirst Aid glasses was when I bought 2 martini glasses from Goodwill & he cleaned the apartment for once.. why, I don't know, he never cleans, I'm Molly Maid & I'm not very good at it, & it was still wrapped in the the paper in the bag, the other one was on the counter.. he threw garbage in the bag & down the shoot it went. He went as far as to ask the security guard to let him into where the garbage drops so he can search for the glass. It took over 2 years, but I once again have a set of 6! Still looking for a second martini glass though... 

And this Easter card for 29cents. "Cards By Kay", made in Canada. I love these retro cards! I don't have many, if any, retro/vintage Easter cards. 

INSIDE: "I'll Just Think It!"

And I was digging through some boxes & came across these amazing vintage Jingle Bells from Eaton's (original 25cents). Had to share! 

Here is what I didn't buy at the thrift store... 

This groovy, retro owl candle for $6.06. I really don't know what I'd do with the hunk of wax. I have another large candle & it discolours everything. Cute, tho

I spy with my little eye 5 too many Glasbake dishes. The exact same dish, exact same condition, priced the exact same day - $2.02 & $3.03.

Hope everyone is having a great week! See you Sunday for Thriftasaurus! 


  1. I see that Glasbake pattern all the time, must have been popular in Ontario!

    1. I HATE this Glasbake pattern & I really hate seeing it in the thrifts!

      I posted about it before & it seems it was popular just about everywhere... and nobody is really too fond of it, lol.

  2. The glasbake pattern is very annoying!
    I see it EVERYWHERE and I live in NY, and see it in the thrifts in CT. Instead of Pyrex, I see glasbake!!! I wish it would be vise versa.

    It really must have been popular back then I guess.
    I do like Glasbake, and I do have other unique patterns that you do not see in glasbake but this pattern stinks!

  3. I can't stand those Glasbake dishes. Why are they everywhere? Ever since your last post about them, Maddie points them out everytime she see's one. The First Aid glass is really cute. I especially love the stories that came with it:-)


    1. That's cute. And now I see myself counting them. My next thrifting adventure, I am going to photograph how many I see. Just for fun!

  4. Ha! I saw those same Glasbake dishes on the same shelf. The lid taped on one was Pyrex. They've all been bought since. [I actually like Glasbake, and that pattern as well --- but it is terribly ubiquitous and rarely if ever comes with a Glasbake lid.]

    1. That's too funny. I haven't found anything worthwhile at that particular GW in awhile. Months.

      I have seen a snowflake Glasbake casserole paired with a Verde Pyrex lid, which was actual nice & I've seen another one online that wasn't too bad, I am sure others are out there, too.

      Glasbake have some nice mugs.

  5. Hahaha! Glad you finally have a full set again. Love the jingle bells, annoyed at the glassbake. We have it overflowing on our shelves down here too.

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