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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Thriftasaurus #82


Good evening thrifters! How was your week in thrifting? Garage sale season start yet?

I went to my favourite church sale this week - arriving 70 minutes early to be the 40th person in line. According to the guy & his wife in front of me, there were 4 dealers at the front doors. Shit, eh? Next time, it's 2 hours early? Anyways, even with being 40 minutes early, I was first to arrive to the kitchenware table. I picked up the Jadeite shakers & a Verde divided (not pictured), the beautiful made in Japan ice cream scoop & the egg things, which were a nickel each. I think now, are they really me? The Pyrex, I have 4 of these, Verde was once my favourite. I bought this, I believe, only so no dealer would have the satisfaction of getting to buy it for a low, low price. Everything was $3.50. I paid with a $10 & left it at that. Charity. Next stop was the stationery table, nada. Nada anywhere else, too. That's OK - thrifts await! I looked for the old woman who was there a year ago, she had said she would bring some more vintage cards, but I missed the fall sale. She wasn't there. I could have missed her in all the chaos, but my morbidity took over & all I could think of is that she passed away. Also, some bitch yelled at me in the linens section. To exit the linen section it's about a foot wide & 3 feet long.. so only one person at  a time. We both got there at the same time, I let her go first. She stops to look at more linens, so I say very politely, "excuse me, sorry, can I just pass by?" Chick freaks! If I wasn't on a buy high, I could of boxed her. People really need to cool their jets. 

What do you think? My third & fourth piece of Jadeite in the wild. My only on the shelf thrift store find - I broke inside the store! Almost died. From the amount of grime caked onto these when I found them (it was nail scraping good), I don't think they are repros, but I don't know anything about Jadeite. The lids are in such great condition!

This cat figurine with the yarn is to. die. for. It was 99cents. I can't believe how cute it is. I don't really find figurines cute enough to bring home anymore, but jeez, I can't get over this one. Also a cute set of salt & pepper shakers. The whiskers are kinda trashed, but they have all their diamonds. Great display pieces either way.

Suitcases aren't me, but I loved this one. I wanted to buy it to resell it. What should I price it? It is in fantastic condition without that vintage smell. When I undid the zipper, the coldest/oldest air came out. So weird! 

 Pyrex! I don't have this Horizon Blue (at least I don't think) & I really bought this for the lid. Did this casserole come with a clear lid as well as a decorated lid? 

I picked up a grab bag with no name crayons & this box of Valentines. I was convinced they were all inside & if they weren't, was going to use the box as a display piece (I like the side of it best). I was disappointed when I sat down at Harvey's & first opened it up - not what I expected! Good, fun stuff (other stuff not pictured that was OK...) & one of my favourite paper/card/ephemera finds ever!

& this. The best find ever! 1956 Selcraft Products, USA.

I had to call it quits again this week. A 7am wake up call isn't me. When I don't sleep I go all Snickers. It was also going to be a 6 day work week. Next week, another 6 day work week! I know, right? Week after - on my way to Ohio! Can't wait to see what you picked up this week. 

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  1. Travel safely. Great jadite score.

  2. Amazed there was such good stuff left, maybe they were jewelry fiends. Jadite find my fav.

  3. oh wow! amazing finds! love the suitcase to bits- you would never struggle to find it an the airport baggage pick up :-P almost tempted to buy it off you but I'm sure postage to Australia would cost a fortune >_>

  4. Those shakers are awesome and the prices INSANE! I love charity sales so much.

  5. Love the pattern on the luggage piece.
    And the "Having a few cats over for a party!" invites are the coolest!

  6. The vintage cards are fabulous, the graphics are so sweet. You find the best items!

  7. yard sale season started this week for us and i thought i would branch out to something i didnt know and bought an entire table of vintage Pyrex for $25.00 (still not sure what I was thinking!?!?!) you have FANTASTIC information that has come in super useful (actually i was able to find the names of half my inventory on your blog) so a HUGE THANK YOU :D

  8. Drooling over your jadeite shakers and that little kitten figurine is indeed adorable! Thanks for hosting :)

  9. love the luggage, the ice cream scope and the cat card Great finds

  10. You did quite nicely last week! Hard to pick out a favorite really. Adorable stuff, mod stuff, Pyrex--seems your hit it all!

  11. Oh my gosh I think it was my grandmother who had the same suitcase you picked up the jadite and Pyrex so many great finds.
    Have a wonderful Easter next weekend.

  12. You found some great stuff. I love the cat invite! That is so cute. Thank you for hosting.

  13. Good stuff! Love the s&p shakers. Sorry you got yelled at though,people don't know how hurtful they can be. Have a great week - Dawn @ We Call It Junkin

  14. Love the kitty and the amazing suitcase- it's reminding me of a few times recently similarly groovy suitcases were snapped up before I could get 'em. Hate it when that happens. Never been to a sale with a long-ass line to get into, either o_O I want to try though, to add it to the life experience list.

  15. This totally looks like a Thrifter Sister haul! Pyrex, Jadeite, aqua ice cream scoop? Yep, all belongs in my kitchen. But I am DYING over those egg cups. Those have been on my list forever. Glad to see you found some :-)

    Have a great week!


  16. Great finds, and that invitation is too cool for words!

  17. I think it was worth it to stand in line - great finds! I have a set of jadeite salt and pepper that look the very same as what you found, when I posted them people thought they were a reproduction, I wonder if they are or not - they're in mint shape!

  18. Great finds! Love the salt and pepper shakers!!

  19. Looks like you had a better week. Awesome! Those salt and pepper shakers are probably original. Great finds!