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Friday, May 13, 2011

Rooster Plate & Some A Pattern I Love...

A quick stop at the thrift yielded two little plates with roosters on them, one says EAT, the other has a very suggestive picture on it. What happens after you eat? Now I know it's not what it's meant to be & after researching a bit, as I had imagined, these are similar to a set of ashtrays that is currently listed on Etsy (link here) that was made in Japan. They have the EAT, DRINK & BE MERRY. Two of the drink ones, so someone really wants you to get drunk! These however, I believe were made in China & are not ashtrays. 99cents each at Value Village. Weird Al vinyl, great condition, $1.99 at Salvation Army.

I bought this mug at Goodwill for 99cents. I thought it was adorable, love the graphic. Not much into mugs unless it's Thermosa, Fire King, Federal, Glasbake, '80s (Care Bears, Cabbage Patch Dolls), but I couldn't leave this one on the shelf. Cute, huh?

These cups are nothing but good fun. Not a beer drinking, wine here on occasion, but my fiance & I tend to drink mass amount of pop.. would be interesting to see who really drinks more. I bought one of these for 99cents awhile ago & $1.51 the other day, both at Goodwill. Gotta have an even number. Looks like these might have originated out of Urban Outfitters.

Also got this Tupperware I'm quite proud of.. I don't buy much Tupperware, but I'm hoping this will save us some money as we kinda toss out a lot of extra food (:().


Joining the party over at The Thrift Groove for THRIFTY THINGS FRIDAY!

Before Blogger went ballistic, I posted about this dish pattern I'm digging that I saw at Goodwill. Another made in Japan gem, I lost out. I passed out on the plates & everything else. Hadn't given them a second thought until I came home & looked at our pile of gross, not very appealing dishes... Ikea & Debbie Travis. I did manage to find this bowl I photographed. I talked myself out of buying it just to have.. felt good to do that.


  1. Hmm that is a nice pattern, but I've never seen one like that. I like its simplicity, it reminds me of the Hudsons Bay Company vintage blankets.

  2. Oh my, I never even noticed how similar it is to the Hudson Bay Company. The strips are just in a different order.

    I think it's the simplicity that got me too.

  3. I love the animated, cartoony illustrations you manage to uncover all the time while thrifting. I appreciate that cute little cup and the rooster plates :)

  4. Fun finds! Those striped dishes are so fun. It drives me crazy wehn I see something that interess me and then not get and continue to think about and when I go back they are gone. Thank you for joining TTF. have a great day.

  5. Some great finds there - I particularly like the cute mug!