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Monday, May 30, 2011

Putting the owl to work!

Saturday night the wife came home with flowers from his night out on the town, lovely. Damage control or an actual affectionate gesture? I think I'm a little too pessimistic. Gloomy like the owl perched upon the branch on this vase.

I feel kinda like the housewife who takes pictures of her flowers because it's such a rare occurrence. It's not that rare of occurrence around here & I just wanted to show the vase in action.

All items in the photo, except the flowers (I hope), are second hand.

PS: about 54 hours until I leave for Windsor, YAY!
Will be doing a Goodwill trip later today, x fingerscrossed x
FUNKY JUNKY: stackacble bowls, VALUE VILLAGE: vase, gravis skateboard decor, s & p shaker blocks, EBAY: lightblub s & p shakers, FLOWERS: the wife


  1. I am in love with everything in this photo. I just put my own floral-related owls to work too. I just love kitschy garden ware.

  2. the salt and pepper shaker light bulbs are too cute!

  3. what a lovely little set up! This is a little corner of happiness!