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Sunday, May 1, 2011

New additions..

Some new additions...

Got a New Kids On The Block shirt from Goodwill. This was a one off. They have a poor selection of clothing that I never check out. They had a fantastic Pyrex bowl that I picked up & I was waiting for them to wheel out the next load of stuff to see if they were going to bring out any more Pyrex, so I picked through the racks. Lucky for me it paid off with this NKOTB "Please Don't Go" t-shirt. A steal at a $1.99. 1989.

At Value Village I picked up some WWF glasses of Hulk Hogan. I passed on the other wrestler - not a WWF fan, just love the cheesiness of Hulk Hogan. 49cents a piece. 1988.

At another Value Village I managed to find this Hollie Hobbie & Robby pillow case for 99cents. Made by American Greetings Corporation in 1977. Also from VV, a Hollie Hobbie, still sealed, one time use tablecloth.

I've got some excellent Pyrex coming my way on Thursday - going to pick it up! Got 4 pieces, $5.75 each. One of everyone's favourites - Butterprint & another - a fridgie. You'll be seeing those soon... Stay tuned!

Taking part in APRON THRIFT GIRL'S THRIFT SHARE MONDAY!. See ya there!


  1. Love the Hollie Hobbie finds. Are you selling or keeping these?

  2. I'm not sure yet. I was thinking on selling the pillow case.

  3. That t-shirt is all kinds of hot! You take care of it, it will be worth a mint in a few more years.

  4. Cool finds! The Hulk Hogan glasses should be really collectable. He lives about 45 minutes from where I do in Florida.

  5. Thanks Amber!

    Tried to look them up on eBay, but nobody was selling them. I see similar glasses often, so I might pick them up in the future.

  6. I swoon- that is some amazing 90s vintage! Love the shirt and glasses.

  7. I love, love, love the Holly Hobbie finds! I have a whole collection of Holly Hobbie plates and eggs. Love all things Holly HObbie.

  8. I know! Holly Hobbie is becoming one of my favorites.

  9. Is there anyway youd sell a Hulk Hogan glass? If so please email me at