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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Thrift Share Monday.

Once again joining in on Thrift Share Monday...

Some more thrifts from Thursday! I`m going to start with the owl vase I bought from Value Village for $2.99. Besides my collection of hand vases, I don`t have a vase to put any flowers in. This one won`t hold the dozen roses my fiance dozen`t bring home for me, but it`ll definitely fit the dandelions I`ll pick up for myself. Just had been put on the shelf that day.

Awesome pin purchases today, flashback to 1991 - TLC, Ain`t 2 Proud 2 Beg. Got this awesome pin for $1 from Funky Junky. Noticed they now have items in the basement, sadly it looks like a bad garage sale, but on the upside it looks like the garage sale season is bringing in some new inventory.

Blue Pyrex fridgie - $5.75. Good condition. Funky Junky was selling the primary refrigerator dish set for $75 - one of the red ones was missing & lid & it was in decent condition. I decided to pass. Give me convenience or give me death, right?

Another lot of items, blue Pyrex bowl, $2.99, only fair condition, but was so concerned I wasn`t going to find anything on our thrifting expedition after 3 stores only turned up one glass (not pictured), I just had to buy it out of desperation. A pair of owl salt & pepper shakers, $1.99. I found a couple of very exciting items that left me absolutely thrilled at the same store as the shakers, I was so excited I forgot to check for chips! Came home & it has a chip out of one of the books the owl is perched upon. :( Owls from Talize, Pyrex from VV.

& last, but not least some Chateau Thierry party picks, original price 91cents. I paid 2.99, but they came in a bag with a bunch of other junk. There was some Fred ice cube trays in there that I was totally digging that I saw in Kensington Market today & together they retailed for $21.75, these were still in the packaging! From Value Village.

Also at Funky Junky.. in my previous post I poste
d a pic of some fabric - $3.99 I paid for it. They had quite a similar piece of fabric, $30 & my piece is twice the size. YAY.


Linking this long post up to APRON THRIFT GIRL'S Thrift Share Monday!


  1. Loads of good finds! Love the owl items, I tend to get excited at the thrift too and sometimes don't look over items as thoroughly as I should too.

    It's fun that you found the new in package ice trays, Fred items are expensive at retail stores.

  2. I just found your site from a link on apron thrift girl's linky party. I love the owl vase!!!!! Our local thrift stores have gotten wind that owls are hugely popular now and the prices have skyrocketed. I still find a few "cheap" ones here and there but mostly they are out of my price range. Great find!

  3. Love the owl vase - I've never seen one like it before. Great buy. Lana

  4. Oh that blue Pyrex fridgie is delightful! I also love the little owl vase. Great finds!

  5. Yes, owl vase is super cute!

    Why is it an item can look perfect at the store only to find a noticeable chip once home?

    Pee Wee! I actually found a Vance the pig stuffed toy still in its packaging this past week (photo later when I have time to write up a post!) I am a huge fan of PW!

  6. I love those party picks! I can't resist vintage cocktail picks and the like--we have a huge collection.

  7. Wow, those ice cubes. Dang you could have so much fun with those. I'm actually jealous and feeling a tad bit insecure that I'm the only one over the moon about them. ANYWAY go your fiance, bringing home flowers smart, smart, SMART!

  8. I love the name of your blog!! Your thrift finds are amazing!

  9. Great score with the blue fridgie! It's almost impossible to find a 502 with a lid! And I totally buy things out of desperation on a bad thrift

  10. Thanks guys, I actually considered leaving the vase behind. Even though it's one of the cleanest items I've ever brought home from a thrift store, my boyfriend gave it the nastiest, dirtiest look & said it was ugly.

    Leilani - I'm glad I'm not the only one it happens to. : )

    Paskiaq - Thanks! I ended up buying it from someone online. I've seem many of these in stores (seem to be the most common fridgie), but all are so beat up & lidless. So sad.

    Dhamma - They are cool trays. I'm hoping they work a lot better than the Ikea ones I had bought many moons ago. Those things were garbage!

    Gina - I'll send you my address & you can mail me that Vance the pig toy! :p

  11. Robin - that really sucks about the owls! The thrifts around year have yet to catch on about that trend - hope they never do!

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