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Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Recent record pick ups.

Goodwill - $1.51
New Kids On The Block - You Got IT (The Right Stuff)
Care Bears - Meet The Care Bears
Care Bears - Care For You (not picture)
Lily Tomlin - On Stage
Back to the Future soundtrack

Value Village - $1.99
New Kids On The Block - Games

I picked up the New Kids On The Block - You Got It record at the same Goodwill I picked up the Butterprint Pyrex. It was the first time I visited that shop. Bought it along with every other vinyl listed under Goodwill except for the Care For You, which I bought today. I had left those vinyls on the floor for 2 days for some reason in the living room. Maybe it has to do with the move & everything being so disorganized, stacked & boxed up. Anyways, lesson learned. I got up early, feeling fantastic for once, was on the computer then got up to go to get ready for work, was gone about 3 minutes & my one cat Kleo had was sitting on the windowsill, when I came back she was still on the windowsill, but looking very scared. I noticed she had thrown up all over the records... ALL OVER. The New Kids one, the ones I was so excited over, covered in watery cat vomit. It suffered some damage, so did the Lily Tomlin & Back to the Future. Fortunately the Care Bears record is still sealed (originally priced at $4.77 at Wal-Mart), so no damage there! This is going under a new section, STUFF MY CATS RUINED as the list is QUITE LONG... They always seem to ruin the things I'm really excited about or really enjoy, so it's extremely frustrating & I do get really upset about it.

(Heart Chair, Black Heart Plate, Vice Magazines, MTV Book, Princess Pill Jar, Clothing, New Kids On The Block Pillow, Purple Couch... among other items). With urine, claws & vomit.

Can't even put certain items on display for fear it will be ruined.


  1. Very cool albums. It's funny my local radio station just the other day was talking with listeners about how vinyl has a quality of sound that just can't be matched anywhere else. They had an hour long show where they had listeners bring in records to be played. Anyway, that was a bit of a tangent. I'm sorry your kitty threw up on them! Cats are stinkers like that!

  2. Great finds! Bad kitty! The care bears take me back! I love thrift shopping too! I have a thrift shopping blog called Thrift and Shout! It's a blog about looking and living fabulously without spending a fortune!

    Lindsey Turner

  3. Not ruined. "Enhanced." At least not shredded. Old cardboard is irresistible.