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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Joining Thrift Share Monday

Once again joining in this holiday Monday on Thrift Share Monday over at Apron Thrift Girl. I found some OK finds this week! I'm digging them.

I made the trek to a Goodwill with my friend (she drove) that we've never been to before. It wasn't too impressive, but it was good nonetheless & I can see it yielding some treasures in future visits. I did a public transit plan using their website & they estimated the time arriving there to be 45 minutes. Not too bad. I spend about that time getting to one of the Value Villages I frequent. Upon arrival, I spotted #401 Butterprint bowl, $2.02, in very grimy condition. The second time I've seen this bowl in the wild & one of my favourite patterns. Upon further scouring of the shelves a #442 appeared in fair condition. Never seen this one in the wild either, so home it came - $3.03. The #401 cleaned up nicely. #442 has some utensil marks that are visible in the photos.

I stopped at 3 Value Village stores within the downtown core in about a 3 hours period, this is all I found.

1980's Tupperware Christmas Stackable Plates 4 x 69

1995 Spiderman Twin Bed Sheet - $4.99
Holly Hobbie Personal Address Book - $2.49

Holly Hobbie book was printed made in Japan.

We had the red & orange stackable plates growing up, when I think about it, wow, did we ever damage those. They probably weren't even able to be donated once my mother finished with them.

Anyways, those were my finds.
11 days until thrifting in Windsor...
can't wait to see what the shelves hold.
3 Value Villages, 1 Salvation Army, 1 Curiosity/Antique Shop, 1 Bibles For Mission... hopefully some garage sales too!



  1. Great finds!! Thanks for commenting on my blog and leading me to yours, looking forward to checking out all your goodies :o) Scarlett x

  2. Oh I love ALL of your finds! Well okay, I'm not a big Spidy fan but I sure do love me some Holly Hobbie! I also really love the butterprint Pyrex you found. Great scores! Thanks for sharing.

  3. We had those plates, too!

    I don't have them up today, but I got two mint condition Cinderella bowls in that pattern this weekend. Good finds!

  4. Great finds! I love Butterprint so much! I've had very limited luck finding it in the "wild" too - nice to see someone out there finding it! Love the Tupperware too!

  5. Love those Tupperware plates! The little picture in each corner is the perfect touch.

  6. Interesting! I used a lot of Tupperware in my childhood, but never saw those sweet plates. Tupperware is so great with its stackability. We had the awesome mugs that were so convenienty stored during road trips and such.

  7. Those bowls are gorgeous (utensil marks and all)! And a great deal too boot!

  8. Spiderman sheets! I'm so jealous of the tacky 80s finds you guys dig up!

    To answer a question you'd asked about antique store booth rent, I payd $37 for my one bookshelf. I feel like I need more space. All stores vary in the type of price they ask and the type of space they offer though. It'll be hard to research truly "fair prices". I'd say, just make sure you can make ample profit despite the rent cost!

  9. Oops, that's "pay", and to clarify, my booth space is an entire multi-shelf bookshelf and not just one shelf on it :)