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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Goodwill today: Owl, Pyrex & NES.

I decided to hit the Goodwill's today before I left for Windsor, one last hurrah you can say. 50% off day is usually Friday & I avoid it like the plague. At my regular Goodwill I've seen people get violent, people move whole shelves to get items they've hidden during the week, the aftermath of a women who have had their purses stolen, shoplifters, people having 3 buggies FULL TO THE BRIM with items (pushing them all themselves..), people steal things out of other peoples buggies, I've waited in line to pay for an item for 45 minutes... god knows what else goes on there! Never make a point of visiting on discount days, will pop in if I am in the area or go in on a discount day accidentally if they change it from Friday. It's not worth the headache & usually there is nothing left & the store is torn apart. Unfortunately, it was discount day. I found a Care Bears mug that I carried around for a few minutes, but after looking at the line of approximately 35 people, I decided that I'll pass. My time means more to me than this mug ever will. I would have happily slammed down a $1.51, paying regular price, and be on my merry way without waiting in line, but wouldn't do it for a Care Bears mug. A Fire King mug on the other hand...

So I had started going to this new Goodwill. Should I stay or should I go? That's all that was going through my head. Is this new Goodwill going to be as crazy as this one on 50% off day? Obv, I wouldn't have my answer until I checked it out on 50% off day, so I decided to go. I feels like I got my cure. I'll be visiting this place again soon for 50% off day. As soon as I walking in again, I had this wide eyed owl staring at me from the shelf, scooped him up ASAP. I scoured the shelf for Pyrex. They had a 402 Butterprint that has been there for weeks, so sad, faded condition. Also had the green bowl from the primary set, also faded with many utensil marks. Made my way down the aisle where the Pyrex is kept about 3 times, finally spotted the 402 stuck in another bowl. Score! The owl has to be my favourite purchase. I just noticed that his feet aren't in this photo. I like the photo I took for once, so I'm going to leave it & maybe take a pic of him another day!

All this, $5.80
(not taxable)
Pyrex - 402 Butterprint - $1.52
Owl bank - $2.02
NES game dust jackets - 50cents each
Tanya Tucker TNT vinyl - 76cents


  1. I can finally leave comments again!

    Love the owl. Do you ever thrift for your bloggy thrift addict friends or think about them when you run across an item? I do this all the time (I see things that I know others covet). Yesterday, despite never having met you in person, I found *your* item. A NIP roll of Nsync gift wrap. It was 25c so I bought it in the off chance we should ever meet!! Of course, it would have been much better had it been NKotB, but how about the o-t-h-e-r boy band!! :)

    Have fun in Windsor (love that city!)

  2. Owl is so cute I have 4 owls and one owl pic in my collection now.You must come look one day

  3. I think I know what you mean about major discount days. At my local Value Village, they open at 7am and it is nuts. Plus, housewares are usually excluded from the sale, so that's another reason for me to avoid it.

  4. Gina - you know what? I totally came across the exact same thing 2 years ago, lol. It was a Christmas edition, still sealed. Wish I had Christmas presents to hand out, it would make things fabulous.

    I do often think of think of other thrifters, would be great to have a community where thrifters find stuff & trade it to people who would like it instead of reselling. Whatevs, though. I'll continue reselling because it don't seem like that will ever happen & I have to buy the items I won't be getting elsewhere... like the Married With Children watch I just bought.. lol

    I might be swinging by your way one day!

  5. SixBalloons - I stay away from all the Value Villages here for the same reason on discount days - doesn't usually include the housewares!

  6. Please film the violent carnage that happens at your local Goodwill sometime!!! Sounds like insanity!

    Envious of all your pop culture finds, as usual!

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