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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sir Thrift-A-Lot: Flea Market Finds

As always, some fun finds & linking up with Flea Market Finds with Her Library Adventures.

My absolute favourite find this week is this The White Spider Rabbit - The White Rabbit - drinking glass, priced at 99cents from Goodwill! I looked, but can't find any information on the glass. Alice In Wonderland drinking glass set? I've never seen any glasses like it before. Anybody got anything? 

We brought my up cat, Miss Hands (named after the infamous Mr. Hands), to Pickering to finish up her spaying, she got her stitches snipped & she's all done - yay! & I went to the Value Village up in Ajax, which has never produced anything too interesting, but picked up this Pyrex jar, which smells so strongly of paprika that when I opened it in the car the scent instantly filled up the whole car & my boyfriend yelled at me to close it.
(vintage 1975 Pyrex, Corning birds jar)

OMG - it looks so filthy because i had it soaking with dish soap & water.
It's actually extremely clean! Just want that overbearing stench of paprika gone!
Some 7UP Uncola glasses - I see these often, but these were in absolute MINT condition, so too good to pass up. 

Another Anchor dominos bowl. They had another one in the shop, but I DON'T BUY CHIPPED THINGS.. anymore. 

A KISS record for 99cents & some more Treasure Troll wrapping paper! 

I just wanted to post these, an eBay buy - silicone cupcake cups! Love the colours & they were about 6 bucks. Absolutely perfect for pizza cupcakes!

Posts coming up sometime this month:
Bestie Shopping Spree
Pink Pyrex Cleanup
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Also, Tuesday - if the boyfriend is rested - a suburban strip thrifting trip.

Oh, one last find.. months ago I found this vintage Screen Stars t-shirt. A short I liked to say back in high school:  


  1. the white rabbit glass is just so cute!

  2. Aww The White Rabbit glasses are adorable. I also love the treasure troll wrapping paper. I'd never want to use it, for fear of running out and never finding any again in the future. I loved those things, lol.

    I was hoping to go flea marketing this morning but was feeling sick until late in the afternoon =(

    <3 Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting!

  3. OMG, I LOVE that white rabbit glass!

  4. Love your finds! troll wrapping paper, cool!

  5. Love that birdie jar, smell an all.

  6. Those 7UP glasses should change color when you pour cold liquids in them. I used to have a set - I thought they were neat. But hard to hand wash with that different shape. Fun finds!

  7. You found some great things! I love those bowls, they're just right for a little bit of cereal!

  8. On Once Upon a time tv on abc tonight one of the characters had a card that had your white rabbit on it (I think) I love that glass

  9. "suburban strip thrifting trip"

    Say that five times fast! LOL!

  10. Hey Jackie - I'll probably never use it! I've found another pack of it not to long ago. Maybe one day, when I find a huge haul of Treasure Troll wrapping paper I can finally use it. I'm sorry to hear about you being sick - hopefully you're feeling better by now & can flea market this weekend!

  11. Shara - never knew they would change colour - too cool! Probably won't use them to was them. We have like seriously, 100 glasses.

    LOL - I tried, can't do it.

  12. So jealous of that glass!  I’m always on the lookout for Pepsi Collectors Series ones.  They did do some for Disney movies (like The Rescuers & Jungle Book), but I’ve never seen an Alice in Wonderland one.
    I just did a search and came upon this one auction site that has 4 Alice in Wonderland glasses that don’t really match yours… but check this Caterpillar one – it went for $155.⁰⁰! » Mayo Lot #1269
    Gah!  Now I’m remembering how badly I want a Chilly Willy one (as well as Marvin the Martian).

  13. Thanks Jen!

    And I'm keeping my eyes peeled.. but to no avail..