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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sir Thrift-A-Lot: Flea Market Finds

Your closest friend is sick with the flu, what does she do? Go out shopping, popping in some thrift stores to pick you up some gems!  How nice.  This week I'm joining in with Her Library Adventures with  Flea Market Finds with the fab finds bought for me by my friend in "Bestie Shopping Spree".

Look! The best mushroom canister ever! Pictured with a the 7th tulip mug in my collection.

Two peas in a pod. Two chalkware owl planters. 

Piles upon piles, shelves upon shelves of vinyls have been scoured - day & night - for a Patti Smith vinyl, she shantays into a tiny thrift, pulls out a Patti Smith vinyl, a little over priced at $7.95 (but the search continues for Easter) & sachays away putting a huge smile on my face. I love Wave! It is my favourite Patti Smith album. 

Dancing Barefoot being one of my favourite Patti Smith songs.

And of course, PYREX!

Thanks Agnes for making this post possible! You're the best!


  1. Patti smith and those owls? Scoreeeee!

  2. What a great friend and she knows your tastes well! The photo on the front of the Patti Smith album is pretty rad, I didn't realize her albums were so hard to find at the thrift (I'm usually too lazy to dig through the records).

  3. How big are the owls? they are to cute!

  4. Awesome, awesome finds. I'm in love with the owl planters! I was actually fortunate enough to thrift that very album for 25 cents from Goodwill. Great record, and a very rare find amidst a sea of Sing-Along With Mitch records and stacks and stacks of Christmas tunes, lol!

    <3 Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting!

  5. I know, right?

    Leilani - She does! & I've only seen one before, was so excited, but it ended up being cracked. Have even checked many times at all the used record stores in the city. I didn't know they were so difficult to find either. I wouldn't have gotten rid of them when I moved out of my moms.

    Jackie - to true!

    Ruth - they aren't to big, just a little bigger than a balled up fist.

  6. Loving all the gorgeous pyrex (especially the pink bowls) that you are finding!! Totally jealous about all the sweet owls you are lucky enough to find :)

  7. You picked up tonnage (If that's a word)...nice work!

    Dude @