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Monday, June 21, 2010

100th post!

Doesn't really mean anything, really.

Here I have 2 Pyrex mugs along with a beautiful vintage mushroom coin bank! Glorious. Pyrex mugs were 49cents (score) each & the mushroom bank was $3.99. I was iffy on the bank, but decided to scoop it up. Money isn't as tight as it used to be & I might regret it later. All purchased at Value Village.

I must say, I am surprised that these mugs weren't marked up for being Pyrex. The cashier at the desk thought I had removed the stickers since they do not price Pyrex that cheap... didn't do it.

I also found a cute little Cabbage Patch Kids pin. You can find that below. I couldn't get a good, postable photo of it, so I had to use a nice blurry photo I found online ("borrowed" it).

I have to say, I am really unhappy lately. You know, I half started a blog to make friends, but it doesn't seem to be happening. I am very disappointed. I'm obese too. That's more depressing than anything. An obese, friendless person. What a winner.


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