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Thursday, June 17, 2010

I was taken to a surprise Goodwill out in Mississauga. Quite a large store, but not nearly as interesting, object & people wise, as my favourite Goodwill here in the city. It was 50% off day there as well as my favourite one. Don't visit my favourite one on 50% off day. Lines can last up to an hour long at some points, it's too crowded, there are fights & I have even witnessed the aftermath of 2 purse snatchings & quite a few thefts - all on 50% off days. Anyways, I picked up four vinyl, a Samantha Fox single, some other vinyl & two Smurffs vinyls. Oh joy.

No interesting knick knacks, but I did find this cute litter paper towel/saran wrap/tin foil/wax paper dispenser. Photos didn't turn out well. I thought it was a steal at $2. Can you tell me what decade it could be from? Also, it's a bit rusty. Any tips?


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