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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Today's trip. What fun.

Here is the lot. Went to Goodwill & a couple of Value Villages in the city. Picked me up some reasonably priced CDs at Goodwill, 'Creep Diet's by Fudge Tunnel, 'Dink' by Dink (self titled) & 'Let Your Dim Light Shine' by Soul Asylum. Also pictured is a CD I picked up from Sonic Boom while I was waiting for my friends in the Annex last Friday night. 'The Day I Said Goodbye' by Cub. I've wanted this for quite a long time, but didn't want to pay much for it. I almost paid $10 for it years ago at Dr. Disc in Windsor - back in the day before it had closed & then reopened. I paid 55cents. I guess it was worth the wait. I love saving money. The vinyl is a copy of 'Back to My Roots' by Rupual (1993). A buck. Adding it to the shelf. I don't even have a record player.

I think this thing is pretty neat. If I ever have a desk or ever follow through with my dream of owning some sort of business & have to have a desk, I'll use this. Until then it'll sit in a box. My favourite part is the "whatnot". Woman at the cashier commented on how nice she thought it was. I had to agree with her.

This thing was cute. It reminds me of my extra nipple I picked up a long time ago, was the same price as well. Difference is this came with a bunch of other stuff in one of those mixed bags from VV. It came with a couple boxes I left on the subway for whomever wanted to pick them up & also came with's Twisted Billboards. It's the one other item in the bag I decided to keep. So this "How To Succeed In Business" was $1.99 among other junk.

I also picked up a Anchor measuring cup for a friend. I had mentioned something about my Fire King one how good quality they are & she was telling me how she wanted one too.. lo & behold, the guy brings out 2 while I'm at VV. One was in poor condition the other was also mint. How exciting. I told her that every time she measures something she has to think of me.

Also saw something a little bizarre. In the childrens section they had The Bachelorette Princess Pecker Party Kit (link not work safe). It was in different packaging & the pecker want & pecker tiara were clearly visible. It would have only set back a little girls mother $3.99.


  1. You don't even have a record player?! for shame!

    I just found your blog link on smart canucks, it's great! So great that I am passing on the Sweet Blogger Award! Congrats :D

  2. LOL, ya, ya, I know. Almost had one the other day, found it in near the dumpster in my condo. It was missing the needle, but I was going to repair it. Then we noticed it was also missing the plug & needed to buy some speakers, so I left it. I think I'm going to get an Ion.

    Thanks for the award. :-)