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Monday, July 5, 2010

Free Coke Rewards Codes.

Toronto 2010 Pride came & went & I had a good time. One good thing was that Pride, like always, took place in the village, which Mix 40 (the only place in the city that sells Cherry Coke, Wild Cherry Pepsi) is right next to. Score for me for the drinks & score for you for the codes. Please, please, please be kind & post when you have used the codes so no other person wastes time signing into their account & trying to add the codes.

Wednesday is thrifting day! Will let you know what I find.

n5wk 9mp6 l4p4
0mlm 05jl mptw
7lfn 00bm 9vtb


  1. Guess they've already been used because that's what it said when I tried them :( Thanks anyways :)

  2. Ah, shucks. Wish people would respect my wishes..

    I'll send ya a message if I get some more codes.

  3. omfg are u kidding me?
    They sell Cherry coke?!!!!
    you mean i dont have to go to buffalo to buy it?!!!