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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Just a quick update on a few things in case you were curious!

I sold my U2 My Prerogative t-shirt for the listed price of $19.99. A pretty sweet deal.

Upon creating a thread about my small little plate, "It starts when you sink into your arms & ends with your arms in the sink", I found out that the saying first appeared in print in a magazine called "The Rotarian" in 1951. Thanks for that tidbit melonhed. You can view it here if you like! It's a scan of the original printing. A few others suggested it was from the '50s & after looking at the advertisements in the mags I bought yesterday, I figure that they must be right. From the '50s. Same kinda drawings. Know what I mean? I only bought those magazines for the vintage adverts. I plan on posting some one of these days.


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