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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hot Dog Wiffers!

A quick stop with the wife to Funky Junky in Kensington Market here in Toronto after stopped at our current favourite restaurant at Spadina & Sullivan named Pho turned up South Park magnets & hot dog wiffer stickers. One purchase was mine & the other was the wives. Can you guess which one was mine & which one was his? I'll give you a sec.

If you guessed that the hot dog wiffer stickers were mine you'd be correct. Each pack was marked $3 each, as you can see I bought the only 2 they had left. They are original scratch-n-sniff stickers from 1984 (mcmlxxxiv) by American Greetings. The South Park magnets are the wives. I told him I'd only buy them if he didn't take the packaging off, like always he didn't listen. They were only $5, still sealed, so I'll let it pass. This time. The guy cut us a deal, $10 for all. So it wasn't too bad.

Total trip: $10.


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