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Monday, July 19, 2010

Little Shop of Horrors.


So, I did go to a thrift today. I was a lucky guy at one point where the clinic I go to (as well as my family doctor who doesn't practice there anymore so I found out) is in the same mall as a Goodwill! I always used to go check in & instead of waiting, hit up the thrift & come back. It was fabulous. However, my main reason on going up to the area today surprisingly enough wasn't to visit Goodwill, it was actually to hit up the doc. I needed a refill on my seizure meds & my legs have been killing me lately, like terribly bad. So, the place closes at 8PM, I get there at 5:15PM, "due to the high volume of patients we are no longer taking anymore patients today". You're not here to hear all of that are you? You're hear to see junk & treasures, so let's get this show on the road.

Here's the goods!

Like my new couch? It's blue. I never in my life thought I would be carrying another couch on the TTC, but luckily, this one isn't 3 feet tall, it's just over 30 centimeters tall! It fit comfortably in a large plastic bag with all 3 of it's legs sticking out. I usually don't buy broken items from the thrift, but I couldn't resist this couch. I thought it was amazing & Pee Wee Herman would look great on it. I'll get to Pee Wee in another post later this week. You won't regret waiting for it. Anyways, so the front leg is broken, but it can be fixed, can't it? Whatever. Want to know a fun fact about the couch? It actually has crumbs in the cushions! The couch was $7.99. A bit much, but seriously? Can you blame me?

I bought this Cornwall canister. I don't really know what it's about, it states it's humidity controlled.. what is it? Some faux Tupperware or something? Is it like a thermos? Anyways, I am going to put knick knacks in it.

This is cute. So very cute. A cute little dishwasher magnet for our fridge! Made in 1992 by Acme, in China.

Also pictured is a C+C Music Factory cassette single for 'Things That Make You Go Hmmm...', The Breakfast Club Soundtrack vinyl, Josie Cotton vinyl (poor girl played Pride this year at the same time as Cyndi Lauper on the other side of the city, wonder who went?), Little Shop of Horrors vinyl & some found photos. They aren't really that exciting, but if I ever fix that scanner you bet you'll be seeing them!

Total trip: $23.89.


  1. "Guys who thrift are hot." -- The Thriftgoddess

  2. Cool posts.

    Great finds.

    Maybe I can post some of my gems on


  3. You are such a hoarder! I miss you, call me soon.

  4. Thriftgoddess! - yes, yes we are.

    hear say rules - you call me. i have something for you. it's pearl jam.