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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

After a sorta dry spell in interesting goods, I have found quite a bit of things I fancy - maybe I'm just easier to please recently. I passed up a couple items, one being this 'I Love You' doll. They were charging $9.99 (can you believe that?). I never bought it. I had to think long & hard about it & since I already have one, decided against it & left it in a shopping cart. Here is a shot of all the items I picked up.
I couldn't pass up the Marvin The Martian sweater. I don't know if it will ever fit me, since I'm quite fat. 60lbs will have to be lost. You'd think I'd lose some weight walking around shopping for junk! The U2 shirt is quite unique. I am guessing it's not an original shirt, but a bootleg from the late '80s or early '90s. It hasn't been worn much, if at all, but the images are peeling. I listed it on eBay if you want to check it out. The shirt cost $4.99. I almost forgot, Marvin only set me back $2.99. Not bad. The sweater is from 1997, Warner Brothers.

I'm not one to buy much glassware in the thrifts besides the occasional collectible plate & quite a few drinking glasses. I did however come across this cute little blue jar. It seems it's been made in Belgium - says the etching on the bottom. You also get a little closeup of the Valentines Day pillow. I think (maybe wishfully?) that this pillow is from the '60's or '70s. The tag is quite aged & that's the vibe I get from it. Whether it is or not (& I am convinced it is) I like it. The pillow set me back $1.99 & the jar back the same, $1.99. If the wife wasn't so disgusted by second hand items (he's one of those people who thinks they have the 6th sense & can see dead people around the items), I'd give him this I Love You pillow for next years Valentines Day along side a beautiful vintage greeting card.

Alright, now we got a book (99cents!). It's nothing special, but I found it a little interesting. The title is: 2gether 4ever Notes of a JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL HEARTTHROB. The book chronicles junior high notes passed between friends & a girlfriend. You can read a little more about it on Amazon if you choose. That's the book in the first photo that looks like an ordinary notebook. I love how on Amazon you can buy it new & used for a penny. I managed to take the Sally Annes worker down from $2.99.

Below you will find my new Cher vinyls to add to my growing collection (I have what, 18 now?). They were a buck each at Goodwill. Later that day I found the Cher album at Value Village with one of their damn stickers on it, for $5.99. Good ol' Goodwill.

That's all I really have for you today besides these sticky notes that cost me 50cents. "She kind of enjoyed working for an idiot."


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