Sir Thrift-A-Lot ♥

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I love clutter!

Just wanted you to know, I love clutter.
I also wanted you to know, I am going to be cleaning up my clutter.
Some of you had reservations about posting messy pictures of your home on the internet, but certainly I don't. I love it.

That's the dog's messy bed on the ground. He's got to sleep somewhere & he never makes it. No matter how many treats I promise him.


  1. I like your clutter pictures. Especially of that nic-nac shelf. makes me want to dig around in your house knowing all the goodies you have!

  2. Thanks!

    & come & dig, you never know what you're gonna find.

  3. I used to have that same cow creamer, only mine was orange and white. I sold it on Etsy a while back.