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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Thriftasaurus #104

Thriftasaurus #104

Good evening thrifters... it's a rainy evening here in Toronto, so dishes, blogging & Pepsi for me tonight, a nice, warm bath might follow. We'll see how the night plays out. 

I barely got out this week. I have been exhausted. I have been working. I have been just plain lazy. I did pick up a few things though! 

These kneehuggers are from the last time I went to the states. They always see to be a sure thing when I go. I really, really want to go around Christmas this year. Americans, are they usually all over the place (in the antique markets?)!?

Anyways, more Christmas. I love how you can find vintage Christmas year round. I bought these, are Holly Days by Corningware one of the only older full sets of Christmas themed dishware? 

This is kinda not really something I'd usually buy, butt... I don't know, just picked it up, LOL. Does anyone know when these were popular? Early 1990's? Just recently? Or were they never popular? 

More clothes! A The Residents sweater & tee, not bad. 

I also got this koala tapestry/wall hanging made in Australia for Joneff & this vintage baby scrapbook. 

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  1. I am not sure what era, I just love cats prints. I haven't seen a tee yet, but I found a canvas tote of that design. My intention was to turn it into a pillow case, of course I haven't got around to do it.
    Those knee huggers are cute!

  2. The cat prints were super popular in the 90's around here, especially with the grandma's. If it's kneehuggers you are after, you totally need to hit the states around Christmas. They are everywhere! Michaels (a craft store chain) even sells reproductions. But you can normally find the vintage ones in the antique malls for around 6 bucks.


  3. I had to laugh at Erica's comment - now that I see the cat print, I remember having a nightshirt like that, I wasn't any grandma back in the 90's! Hah! The worst part of that is that I don't even like cats, why did I even have it???

  4. Totally jealous of the Residents shirts!! Good finds!

  5. Thanks for the party! Thank you for identifying my mystery item last week as a tie rack.

  6. Thanks for hosting the party and for sharing your finds @ TTF.

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