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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

D.U.M.E. spells certain doom!

DUME Candle here on WTF? Wednesdays!

Here you have an original DUME candle from 1977 made by The Candle Corporation of America. Ever wanted to "open the doors to hell"? Bring your enemies problems, bad luck, sickness, poverty, failure, enemies & death? Than this is the candle for you! DUME candles can still be purchased today, but finding an original DUME candle from the '70s, unburned, is a pretty rare find. Death Unto My Enemies. Through searches about DUME candles on Google they come with grave warnings - only use this candle as a last resort! You write the name of your enemy on the candle in the space provided, burn to the name & blow out the candle. Concentrate on the incantation. Repeat the following ceremony for the following name. Would you ever use one?

I bought this awhile ago, but after I started keeping track of the total of my purchases. This candle cost $2.25.

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  1. i likey. it's difficult to find the white wax ones. usually the wax is black and the glass ink is white. great find!