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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Quick stop!

Today I made a quick stop over at Value Village with the wife. I was there the other day when my friend Aggie & I stopped in quickly while picking up some dog food for the pup. He had the mad poops & a trip to the vet & $360 later, he's getting back to normal. Throwing up yellow bile, orange water poops & not drinking or eating was all very upsetting to see him do. He's almost back to his big, cuddly, goofy self. Well, I bought some stuff the other day, too, but you'll have to wait to see that stuff. You're also going to have to wait to see what I picked up in Windsor while I was there. Shout out to my sis who went to the thrifts with me. We picked up my niece from her fathers house & she came into Bibles For Missions. She's never been in a thrift before according to my sister & one thing she said to me put a smile on my face, "there's a lot of weird stuff in here." I bought her a Hannah Montana game. She wouldn't play it with me because it said GIRLS ONLY!

Anyways, here is what I picked up today:
Nine Inch Nails notebook (official merch) $1.99
Two packs of Sanford Mr. Sketch scented markers $1.99
Fred Fill'ER Up Coin Bank $1.99

The Nine Inch Nails book was pretty cool. If I do end up going back to school this is going to be one of my notebooks. The Sanford markers.. my mom wouldn't buy these for me when I was a child, she claims they were too expensive. There are two sets here, one is quite used & doesn't have scents anymore & one looks barely used & you can still smell all the beautiful scents. My favourite is the orange. Always has been (my cousin had these markers in school...). You can read more about my Fred Fill'ER Up Coin Bank RIGHT HERE!!! if you like!

Total trip: $6.74.


  1. I also wanted those scented markers so bad................on VERY special days at school we could perhaps, sniff them and draw a bit