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Sunday, September 5, 2010


I've been M.I.A. lately, but I have been visiting the shops often. Life has gotten in the way & the thrifts are therapeutic for me. Today as I my pup, Charlie, was getting picked up to finally come home, we made a detour over to the Value Village in Mississauga. I've never been there & the area reminds me of the newest Value Village in Windsor - it's in the area of a bunch of stores such as Best Buy, Winners, AMC Theatres, etc. Anyways, I picked up a few good things.

Biggest surprise was all the early '90s hip hop vinyl. They had many titles I have never heard of, but would have liked to add to my collection. I can't even recall the titles, but my friend Aggie sure knew some of them! The price of vinyl is quite steep there, not as steep as second hand record shops, but steep enough. $1.99 per record. I picked up:

Technotronic - Get Up (Before The Night is Over) (1990)
Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby (1990)
Wrecks-N-Effect (assuming this one is self titled) (1989)
Technotronic - This Beat Is Technotronic (1990)
C+C Music Factory - Gonna Make You Sweat (1990)

I'm still sans record player, but I did find one in the toys section today that I had considered buying, but again, without a needle. There is a record player I have my eye on, it's at my favorite shop that isn't full of second hand goods, Urban Outfitters, but not for the clothes, for the stuff!

Below is a new addition to the stationary collection. I think I have the exact same one or something similar to it. I love these little retro notepads. They are my favorite part of my stationary collection. This is Paula's Instant-Letters! The easiest way out for people who hate writing letters! I wish I had my scanner hooked up, I'd scan some of the great pages inside! Bought for $1.99 with a bunch of other stationary that I didn't keep. 1980, by C.M. Paula Co. Cincinnati, OH.

Last but not least are two more items I purchased today. One is this beautiful vintage hand vase, hand things are another item that I absolutely enjoy, especially vintage. The other item is a pleather dice box. I find it quite interesting & I do indeed have nothing to put it in, but I am sure I will soon enough. I think it'll go well with a couple of my items if I ever decide to have a shelf full of beautiful, matched up things. $2.99 for the box, $1.99 for the vase.

Total trip: $19.52.


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