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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

T-Shirt Tuesday!

Here is a t-shirt I consider a gem. Not only for nostalgia purposes, but because the shirt was most likely only given out to a select few individuals & it is still in ace condition. I remember going to Sam The Record Man when they had their $3.99 boxing day specials, back before the internet. They selected 4 or 6 new release titles & offered them for $3.99. There were lines 50 people deep & when the doors opened all hell broke lose. My mom worked at the same mall growing up & on boxing day a woman threw another woman through a glass window at the Levi store. How classy. This shirt set me back $2.99 + tax, got it at Value Village. Another memory is of coming to Toronto from Burlington (when I moved up there with my family) & being in absolute awe over the size & the cool selections, always pricey though - even when they had their closing sale at their Yonge Street location. The sign was also quite awesome. I wish it had won to become a historical landmark & would not have been destroyed. Pictures are crappy, models at work & I'm finally started to look on the upside from the cold. Windsor on Friday!

Enjoy with me, the final lighting of the Sam the Record Man sign on Yonge Street here in Toronto.

Total trip: $3.38.


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