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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Media Blitz!

Good old Goodwill! They had 50% off their VHS & CD's today! 50% off $1.00.. that's 50cents each! I picked up a few i wouldn't have bought otherwise, some just for kicks! Check out the titles below.. $4.00 for 8 CD's! You can't go wrong.. BTW, remember Serial Joe? Especially the early days? Well either way, check out their video for Obsession, posted on Youtube by yours truly, at the end of this post. (less than 48 hours until Windsor!)

I also got a bunch of magazines...

& added to my vinyl collection is a KISS record & a GUNS AND ROSES record. 99cents each at once again, Goodwill.

Total trip: $16.25


  1. I was at Goodwill two days before the sale and picked up some pretty good duds - I tend to hate those 50 percent off days as I really can't do battle with other peeps wanting the same stuff!

  2. I don't like the battle either.. lol, some of those people are ferocious!! Only shoes, cds & VHS were 50% off & they didn't advertise like they usually do. It wasn't "Friday Fever" "Thrifty Thursday" or even "Manic Monday".. just a normal day at Goodwill (if there ever has been one). The CDs aren't part of the 50% off sale on the regular sale days at the Bloor & Sherbourne location.

  3. I didn't know anyone outside of Santa Barbara listened to Nerf Herder...great find! :)