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Monday, September 13, 2010

Red Polka Dots, Pitbulls & Bambi.

Today I went to a couple shops just to get out of the house & give 'em one last visit before I leave on Friday for Windsor! Where surprisingly enough, my sister wants to accompany me to the thrifts. She claims she's looking for old, antique, vintage picture frames. Hopes she finds some & gets bitten by the thrift bug!

So above is a fabulous lamp shade with red polka dots on it, as you can see. I have seen a couple of these before, so they are common. Apartment Therapy was sort've an inspiration for this purchase. It matches my red polka dot Federal bowl (picture) almost to a t. Wouldn't they look great together with the even smaller version of the red polka Federal bowl on a shelf? I agree. They would. Well, I'll need a lamp base. Any ideas? Colour suggestions? While I'm waiting, I'll mention that the shade cost $2.99 & since it was a Goodwill purchase, it had no tax. Bambi was also purchased at Goodwill, 99cents! You'll also get a close up of Bambi below. Also pictured above is one bandana that says 'pitbull' all over it. I actually bought 2, for 99cents each, but I put one on my dog, who happens to be a pitty. These were taxable.

Total trip: $6.21.


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