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Monday, September 27, 2010

It's Just Another...

Manic Monday!

Here is another quicky, a pack of Cyndi Lauper stickers from the '80s - 1985 to be exact by Mutza Rellla Inc. There's a total of 30 of them & they are in amazing condition. $5 for the lot. Score!

Next is my American flag mug. Do you like? 49cents from Value Village a little while ago. Both of these purchases were made after I started keeping track of my total.. so they're gonna be added!

Total: $5.55!


  1. Love your 80s-90s nostalgia thrift treasures, blog name, and blog! New follower here! :) I'll be back for more.

  2. Thanks Van! Sometimes I feel my blog is underrated since I post about other things other than Pyrex!