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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Winners Hotel Collection

Winners Hotel Collection. In late August I had seen this container at Goodwill for $4.99 with the original price tag from Winners at $9.99. It was in moderate condition & with the many Winners that are accessible from my home, I had great faith in finding a brand new one, since I remember seeing some of the Hotel Collection before. The Hotel Collection seems to be slimming in stores & all they had were fugly soap dishes & soap dispensers. I'd never use bar soap at a sink & I already have a nice square soap dispenser of the same colour that matches my square bathroom sink perfectly. So, a week goes by & so does a Goodwill Friday Fever 50% off sale. When I went in the next time, I didn't expect it to still be there. Lo & behold, I found it resting in the exact same place where I put it down. This time, instead of the dreaded grease pencil, it had a price tag of $2.99! Sweet deal. Yes it's in moderate condition & sits under my discounted DKNY towel from Winners ($2.50) & an very intense bottle of soap also from Winners, $6.99. Again, for any American readers, Winners is like your TJ Maxx. In case you are wondering, this is going to replace my current Q-Tip jars that I spent about 7 years collecting 3 of them. My first one originated at Bulk Barn & they were discontinued, so that left only the thrifts.

Total cost: $2.99. taxless.


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