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Friday, October 1, 2010

The Dreadful Thrift of October!

It's the beginning of the dreadful thrift of October. It begins. Value Village set up earlier in September after their 50% off sale to clear out room for their cheap, crap plastic costumes. I don't know about you guys, but I can deal with the weirdos (we all get along just fine), I can deal with the hipsters (as long as looking at them doesn't make me vomit), but it's extremely hard to deal with the Halloweeners (haha). Groups of people going to the thrift for a laugh to find ugly, hideous, trashy items to use for their Halloween costumes. They come in droves. They are obnoxious, they are loud, maneuvering around them as they all stand and laugh at the objects you're trying to get to.. like that New Kids On The Block phone. Anyways. I will still thrift, I just find this time of year vile.

I made a few stops in a couple thrifts today as I was around the city. At one point the street car had to make a detour due to a "suspicious package" somewhere (that's what the driver told us all..). Anyways, I am happy with my purchases. I actually left a few items behind today, GOOD FOR ME. It's a hard thing to do, as many of you know.

I bought a NIP 6 pack of The Simpsons 'button collection' made by "Button-Up" (cute name) in 1990. These were 99cents at Value Village. I had a huge sticker of the "Underachiever: And Proud Of It, Man!" on the front of my binder in like grade 2. I remember it got a bunch of carpet fibers stuck in it & I threw it away. Also at VV, I got a Federal Bowl, which was $3.99. I quite enjoy Federal bowls. I'm surprised they had anything left at Goodwill after their weekly 50% off sale, which was yesterday, but the shelves were all quite full. Even so, I only bought a beautiful little mug that you see below, 99cents, Anchor & the two CD's each for a buck.

Total trip: $8.67.


  1. Oh those Halloweenies! wait, I may be one of them. Not looking for costume parts, this year it is all about the hunt for weird potion bottles.

  2. I live in a college town. The RICH frat boys and sorority girls all hit the thrifts looking for costumes. They are loud, obnoxious and rude making fun of things. They laugh and giggle at things and it makes me MAD. I feel like a hobo after they leave. ;o(

  3. I love your spending totals, what a great idea! Make me wonder how much I have spent (and saved) while thrifting.

    Nice to "meet" you!


  4. dogsmom.. lol.. do you go in there & act & sound like you're in a bar? If so, you are one of those weenies.

    I hear ya Shara. :(

    Thanks sarah nicole, nice to meet you as well. Will be checking out your blog again!

    Thanks Becca! I dig it.

  5. Hey Sir Thrift A Lot realy enjoy getting your emails and seeing what you buy, I cannot get to second hand stores often but do every chance I get. Thanks for sharing....:)