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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Some recent goodies..

Alright, before I got sick & was working insanely, I was thrifting up a storm.. a huge storm. I accumulated some goodies over that time, many I haven't posted (still have to post my Windsor finds!). I bought the below things about two weeks ago from Value Village...

Pretty Woman laserdisc ($1.99)
Puzzle Photoframe ($3.99)
Vintage stickers (99cents)

I don't have a laserdisc player, but, I couldn't pass up owning Pretty Woman up on laserdisc since it's something that isn't seen very often by myself in thrifts. I think the Puzzle Photoframe is really neat. I fought myself over wanting to pay $3.99 for it & finally caved.. I mean, it was more expensive before & now that I had seen it, I wanted it. It's not very expensive new, either. The vintage stickers were a great find. One of my favorite collections is my collection of vintage stickers. 99cents bought me an amazing hair clip, still in packaging, which Aggie promptly clipped into her hair, a NIP Jim Henson's Muppet Babies stickers (2 sheets), some generic puffy stickers made by Canasia Toys & Gifts Inc. with an original price tag of 69cents from Party Packagers & last but not least in the same bag were a NIP of Selectrum memo holders (aka push pins) shaped like cameras & rolls of film. I have some vintage stickers with similar packing which were bought a couple years ago.

Total trip: $7.69.

Last night was a trip to Goodwill. The wife bought this snowboard thing, I don't even know what it is, but it was NIP with the original price tag of $7.99 - paid 99cents. Aggie bought a couple CD's & I got a NES game Tetris, with original 1989 Nintendo case. I also got the dust jacket (not pictured). Nintendo game & all were $2.99. I saw the same game, without case & without dust jacket at Value Village for $7.99 (no joke!).

Total trip: $2.99.


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