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Monday, October 4, 2010

The Weather Owl.

Why do so many thrifters have a thing for owls? It seems everyone has picked up some kind of owl object recently. A lot of us share the same like for deer, too. I've never been too fond of owl objects, but after I saw this guy - 'Weather Owl' - I had to have him. A glance at the price tag & yes, I was going to have them. 99cents! ($1.12 with tax). I'm not sure if this item is vintage or not, but the lettering style & colour mimic other vintage objects I have. Anyways, this little guy wanted a myspace shot as well..


  1. He has great eyelashes. I bet he was made in Japan.

  2. He is vintage from the 70's. I had him when I was a kid. Love seeing it again.

  3. I also had him as a kid in the early 1970s. I loved him too....I went looking for him specifically today :)

  4. I have just inherited one from my Grandma.

    He is meant to turn pink for foul weather, blue for fair weather and violet for changing weather. My owl has a made in Taiwan sticker on the bottom.