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Thursday, April 1, 2010

You know those days, the ones you think are one of the worst in your whole life? I was having one of those the other day. Won`t go into great detail, but, left work, got on the crouded, crouded subway, got off to go to the docs office - didn`t have an appointment, just a walkin in the same office my family doctor is at. Wasn`t sure what time they were closing, so was in quite a hurry. Was on the last two pills the night before, so missed a dose that morning & if I didn`t make it in time... I`d be without meds for a day & a half - not good. Anyways, the docs is in a little mall along with a Goodwill. Perfect, eh? I usually check in at the docs office & while everyone else is waiting, I go to the thrift.

So, speed walking through the mall, angry as ever, not sure if i was gonna make the docs, I look into the thrift window & right next to the window atop a random table is a vinyl I`ve been looking for for over 2 years! I could of easily bought it off eBay, however, I like the hunt. That made my week. Angry went out the window. I literally ran into the shop, purchased it & ran back out to go to the docs. Checked in, with a sigh of relief saying to myself, ``looks like we made it!``, & went back to the thrift. The record was a buck! It`s a double vinyl & it`s in prestine condition. I couldn`t have been more happier.

If you didn`t know, Times Square, which is a cult film - especially among the gay, lesbian & trans community, features Tim Curry, Robin Johnston & Trini Alvarado. The movie was inspired by a diary the director, Allan Moyle, found in a second hand couch! The diary was from a mentally disturbed woman that featured words & drawings of her life on the streets in New York City. The story who about two NYC girls who meet in a hospital, escape together & form a punk band who then have NYC at their heels, begging for more. Great film! Check it out! It was Robin Johnson`s first film, I thought she did great! He carreer ended years later with only a few films under her belt. So, bought at Goodwill for $1, but in my eyes worth so much more.


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