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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Extra Nipple!

Just incase you misplace yours or it suddenly falls off or is bitten off.

Now I own one of everything, btw.

$1.99 @ Value Village. You can see the damage done by the staff shoving it into a tiny, tiny bag. Even though it`s ruined, I just couldn`t say know. This is one of those items that you had been searching for for years, but didn`t even know it!

On a sad note, today at Goodwill a woman had her purse stolen & from what I overheard from staff, it happens a lot. I was standing nearby because I was going to report a woman who trapped another woman in a bathroom (too odd to explain).

recommended listening after this post: Marky Mark & The Funky Bunch `Good Vibrations` (he has a 3rd nipple, btw!)

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  1. Ya well we both know what kinds of people seem to hang out at goodwill LOL! And of course I go also but you know what I mean, a little bizarre most of the time!